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engineer_003Electrical engineering   , Mathematics

Electronics & Communication Engineering

         Computer science & engineering

, Physics                   , other courses



Electrical engineering

Feedback Control Electricity and Magnetism Control Systems
Electrical Engineering Optimal Control Power Electronics
Robust Control Power Systems Engineering


Electronics & Communication Engineering

Analog Electronics Communications Systems Digital logic Design
Electromagnetic waves Fiber Optics Digital Electronics
Neural Signal Processing Mobile Data Networks Digital Signal processing
The basics of probability Probability and Random Processes Signals and Systems
Real Time Signal Processing Satellite Communications and Navigation Wireless Networks
Signal Processing Nano electronics Fundamentals of Telecommunication Systems
Digital Logic Circuits



Computer science & engineering

Computer Computer and Network Security Computer Networks
Computer science Data Structures Computer Graphics
Database Systems Network Security Network Programming
Multimedia Networking Operating Systems Problem Solving in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Image Processing Game Theory Linear Logic
Programming Mathematical Programming Scientific Computing
Video Processing Software Engineering




Thermodynamics Statistical Mechanics Materials Science and Engineering
Modern Physics Physical Chemistry Seeing and Believing Detection Measurement and Inference in Experimental Physics
Machine Learning Biophysical Chemistry Electrodynamics
Instrumentation Measurements & Statistics Solid State Devices




Calculus Applied Linear Algebra Complex Numbers and Ordinary Differential Equations
Mathematics for Business Decisions Discrete Mathematics



Other courses

Civil and Environmental Engineering Design Environments  Introduction to Engineering
Green Engineering Ethics Engineering


space science and technology chemical reaction engineering Spectral Estimation
Ornithology MATLAB School of Informatics
Distributed Operating Systems



Lecture Notes Video


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