UNIX System Administration

UNIX System Administration CS 183 Spring 2008

Linux Administration Handbook _2nd edition_by Evi NemethTextbook: Linux Administration Handbook (2nd edition) by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent R. Hein. ISBN: 0131480049

Lecture Notes


All topics will be examined in the context of best available practices.

  • Unix environment: Unix commands, piping and redirection, filesystem and process management.
  • Operating System: installation, kernel recompilation, and configuration of a Linux distribution.
  • User management: adding and removing accounts, and controlling resource access.
  • Networking: the TCP/IP protocol stack, routing, security issues, firewalling and load balancing.
  • Network services: DNS, web, web cache, email, NFS, NIS, database, and authentication services.


Lecture Notes


  1. Introduction, Linux Basic, Unix commands
  2. Account Management, Booting, Software Management
  3. Shell Script, Regular Expression
  4. File System, Control Processes
  5. Basic Networking, Network Management
  6. Perl Programming, WWW, Web Cache
  7. DNS, Email
  8. NFS, NIS
  9. Security, Backup, Summary
  10. Final Presentations
Work Due (Fri)

  1. Lab 1
  2. Lab 2
  3. Lab 3
  4. Lab 4, Shell Scripting (Sun)
  5. Lab 5, Proposal (Mon)
  6. Lab 6, Perl Programming
  7. Lab 7
  8. Lab 8
  9. Lab 9
  10. Lab 10, Final Report





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