Radio frequency engineering

RF & Microwave Engineering EEE 194

Text Book: Reinhold Ludwig and Pavel Bretchko, RF Circuit Design: Theory and Applications, Prentice Hall, 2000

RF Circuit Design_Theory and Applications by LudwigLecture Notes


  • Components of RF and microwave design
  • Behavior of passive components
  • Scattering parameters and signal flow diagrams
  • Using Smith Chart for design
  • Microstripline circuits
  • Passive networks and RF filters
  • Active RF components
  • Matching networks to active components
  • Transistor amplifiers
  • Oscillators
  • Mixers

Laboratory Topics:

  • Introduction to S-Parameter Design
  • Measurement of passive components
  • Scattering parameter measurements
  • Introduction To HP ADS
  • Matching Networks with HP ADS
  • RF and microwave filter design
  • RF Transistor Amplifier Design
  • RF Oscillator Design
  • RF Mixer Design

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