School of Informatics

The University of Edinburgh

School of Informatics.

Informatics is the study of the structure, the behaviour, and the interactions of natural and engineered computational systems.

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Advanced Databases (Level 10)
Advanced Databases (Level 11)
Advanced Natural Language Processing
Advanced Vision (Level 10)
Advanced Vision (Level 11)
Agent Based Systems (Level 10)
Agent Based Systems (Level 9)
AI Large Practical
Algorithmic Game Theory and its Applications
Algorithms and Data Structures
Automated Reasoning (Level 10)
Automated Reasoning (Level 11)
Automatic Speech Recognition
Bioinformatics 1
Bioinformatics 2
Communication and Concurrency
Compiler Optimisation (Level 10)
Compiler Optimisation (Level 11)
Compiling Techniques
Computability and Intractability
Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
Computational Cognitive Science
Computational Complexity
Computational Neuroscience of Vision
Computer Algebra
Computer Animation & Visualisation (Level 10)
Computer Animation & Visualisation (Level 11)
Computer Architecture
Computer Communications and Networks
Computer Design
Computer Graphics (Level 10)
Computer Graphics (Level 11)
Computer Networking (Level 10)
Computer Networking (Level 11)
Computer Programming Skills and Concepts
Computer Science Large Practical
Computer Security
Data Integration and Exchange (Level 10)
Data Integration and Exchange (Level 11)
Data Mining and Exploration
Database Systems
Decision Making in Robots and Autonomous Agents
Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms
Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Reasoning
Distributed Systems (Level 10)
Distributed Systems (Level 11)
Embedded Software
Extreme Computing
Foundations of Natural Language Processing
Honours Project (Informatics)
Human-Computer Interaction (Level 10)
Human-Computer Interaction (Level 11)
Informatics 1 – Cognitive Science
Informatics 1 – Computation and Logic
Informatics 1 – Data and Analysis
Informatics 1 – Functional Programming
Informatics 1 – Object-Oriented Programming
Informatics 2A – Processing Formal and Natural Languages
Informatics 2B – Algorithms, Data Structures, Learning
Informatics 2C – Introduction to Computer Systems
Informatics 2C – Introduction to Software Engineering
Informatics 2D – Reasoning and Agents
Informatics Research Proposal
Informatics Research Review
Information Theory
Intelligent Autonomous Robotics (Level 10)
Introduction to Java Programming
Introduction to Vision and Robotics
Introductory Applied Machine Learning
Language Semantics and Implementation
Logic Programming
Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition (Level 11)
Machine Translation (Level 10)
Machine Translation (Level 11)
MInf Project Phase 1
MInf Project Phase 2
MInf Project Planning
Models and Languages for Computational Systems Biology
MSc Dissertation (Informatics)
MSc Research Thesis (Neuroinformatics)
Multi-agent Semantic Web Systems (Level 10)
Multi-agent Semantic Web Systems (Level 11)
Natural Language Generation (Level 10)
Natural Language Generation (Level 11)
Neural Computation
Neural Information Processing
Neuroinformatics Research
Operating Systems
Parallel Architectures (Level 10)
Parallel Architectures (Level 11)
Parallel Programming Languages and Systems (Level 10)
Parallel Programming Languages and Systems (Level 11)
Performance Modelling (Level 10)
Performance Modelling (Level 11)
Principles of Neuroscience
Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning
Professional Issues (Level 10)
Querying and Storing XML
Randomness and Computation
Reinforcement Learning
Robot Learning and Sensorimotor Control
Robotics: Science and Systems
Software Architecture, Process, and Management (Level 10)
Software Architecture, Process, and Management (Level 11)
Software Engineering Large Practical
Software Engineering with Objects and Components
Software Testing
System Design Project
System Level Integration Practical
Text Technologies (Level 10)
Text Technologies (Level 11)
Topics in Cognitive Modelling (Level 10)
Topics in Cognitive Modelling (Level 11)



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