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 Ethics in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ethics in Engineering_4th EdText book: Martin M.W., Schinzinger R., Ethics in Engineering, 4th Ed., McGraw-Hill, NY, 2005

Reference: Ethics in Electrical and Computer Engineering



Text book:Martin M.W., Schinzinger R.,”Ethics in Engineering” 4th Ed, McGraw-Hill, 

 Ethics in Electrical and Computer EngineeringLecture PPT  & other resources and more,,  Electrical and computer engineering as professions ,Ethical decision-making strategies ,Critique codes of ethics ,Moral frameworks, connections to engineering ,Personal commitments and professional life ,Case study: OSU College of Engineering student organization,”Engineers for Community Service,”  Engineering as social experimentation ,Involving the public in the design process ,Case studies for engineering as social experimentation ,Assessment of safety and risk ,Design considerations, uncertainty ,Risk-benefit analysis, safe-exit and fail safe systems ,Case studies in impact of safety/risk on design ,Employee/employer rights and responsibilities ,Confidentiality and conflict of interest ,Whistle-blowing ,Case studies on professional behavior/policies on the job ,Environment, sustainable development ,Multinational corporations, globalization of engineering ,Technology transfer, appropriate technology ,Cautious optimism as a technology development attitude ,Moral leadership in engineering .

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