Satellite remote sensing

Satellite remote sensing


Text Book: Rees, W. G. TITLE Physical principles of remote sensing THIRD EDITION, Cambridge University Press, 2013.Physical Principles of Remote Sensing, by W. G. Rees-engineer blog

Lectures Note

Overview of remote sensing, Platforms and orbits, Use of color in RS, Matlab basics, plotting, Electromagnetic radiation, polarization, Ionosphere , Fourier transform introduction, 1-D and 2-D Fourier transforms, Spectra and fourier transforms, Diffraction, Thermal radiation, Propagation, dispersion, and scattering,

Google Earth, Image Processing, Optics, stereo and electro-optical systems, MODIS, image classification, Image Classification, Passive microwave systems and applications, Radar and laser altimetry, Laser and Radar Altimetry, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Scattering systems and remote sensing of the oceans, Radar Interferometry, Remote sensing of the solid earth, Remote sensing of the cryosphere, Grad. Student Presentations, Grad. Student Presentations, All three components of grad. student term.

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